Now you can really relax

Hypnosis and Relaxation

One of the nicest aspects of hypnosis when used during hypnotherapy, is the wonderful relaxation people feel. Often people come to see me just to have this deeply relaxed 'me' time.

couples counsellingJust as you might go and have a deep tissue body massage to allow your muscles to let go of any tension so you can do the same for your mind!

People describe the hypnotic state as akin to having a wonderful rest, more rejuvenating in many ways that a good long sleep.

Actually when hypnotised the mind is in the same rhythm as that period when you are just about to drift into sleep. If your attention were needed during this time you would be instantly alert and aware but as no one needs anything from you, it is easy to just give yourself over to complete and utter relaxation.

When given the chance to relax like this the mind can focus on what is needed and the things you really want to happen, this is why people in this relaxed state find it easy to accept beneficial suggestions for changes they wish to make.

Whatever you may have seen during stage shows or on TV remember the person is chosen from an audience because they actually want to participate, they are expected to act like a contestant or entertain the audience and nothing the hypnotist did would make them act against their will. The person in hypnosis during hypnotherapy is in just as much in control at all times and able to choose to completely let go and simply enjoy the process.

Once clients experience hypnosis it becomes apparent how therapeutic it can be, and deeply satisfying to realise how fast even the deepest habits or behaviours can change.

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