Management of High Blood Pressure with Hypnosis

Designed specifically to meet the needs of people who have high blood pressure (hypertension). This programme which is unique looks at the individual need of each and every client and produces a treatment plan for the most effective way of tackling high blood pressure.

No Clear Medical Cause?

In over 90% of cases of high blood pressure there is no clear medical cause, which means doctors can only work to manage the symptoms, rather than addressing the underlying issue(s). They call it primary, or essential hypertension because there are so many emotional and lifestyle factors that doctors don't have the time or resources to find... the unique combination of factors for each patient.

For so many many people, this means a lifetime of medication, constant uncertainty and worry about their future.

How to lower High Blood Pressure using The Hypnotension Therapy...

The Hypnotension programme is a confidential one-to-one therapy between you and a properly Certified Hypnotension Practitioner. Together, we will address the emotional and lifestyle factors which may have contributed to your high blood pressure allowing you to take back control and reduce your blood pressure naturally.

As private practitioners we can offer a different time frame for appointments to the NHS and so DO have time to work with you to identify and address the emotional and lifestyle factors that are unique to you, and together we can help you to lower or even return your blood pressure to normal levels.

You will find the method of working relaxing and fun, around 4-12 sessions are the norm but this may vary.

Your progress is carefully monitored over the course of treatment this means you get the most benefit as soon as possible, and so that we both know what is working best in your particular case.

A copy of your progress chart will be made and this will be made available to you if you require it, so you can show your GP if you wish

There are many physical, emotional and lifestyle factors which affect blood pressure. The most common risk factors are:

  • The emotional "X-Factors" that create hypertension, plus:
  • The health of your heart, arteries and kidneys
  • Your "emotional" stress levels
  • How much salt you eat
  • How much exercise you do
  • How much alcohol you drink
  • How overweight you are

The Hypnotension programme uses proven cognitive techniques and behavioural coaching to help you ensure that high blood pressure is a thing of the past.

Think about this... even if worst case you only managed a reduction of 2.5/1.4mmHg using the Hypnotension programme, it would still slash your risk of dying from a stroke by 12-14% and heart disease by 9-10%!

We can work in conjunction with GP's to help you back to a better health. This means that even if you are using medication to lower or control your high blood pressure you can still use the Hypnotension programme to address the underlying hypertension factors.

Imagine how it would feel to walk into your GP's surgery and have him tell you there is a huge improvement in your high blood pressure, this may mean the possibility of a real reduction in your medication!

Make your commitment to your own well-being today and take some direct action to bring down your high blood pressure for good.

Hypnotension: high blood pressure

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