Working with Psychotherapy

It's Good To Talk!

Like Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy is a branch of what are known as the talking therapies.  Psychotherapy is similar to counselling but not the same. I can use both hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.  In some cases psychotherapy alone may be appropriate but I usually offer a mixture of both along with the other treatment methodologies like BWRT and Cognitive Behavioual Hypnotherapy.

In a completely safe, neutral and confidential environment psychotherapy works by having you look at your behaviour, the consiquences of your behavoiur and your thought processes;  things that may be having a negative effect on you, those around you and your life in general. The understanding that thoughts can be changed and the examination of the root cause of  them is very powerful.  In many cases these erroneous, faulty ways of looking at things will never have been properly recognised or challenged.  Sometimes it may be valuable to look at your past because it is here that faulty thinking often begins, much behaviour is learned or copied back in our childhood so thinking about this part of our life is a great way to find any underlying reason if life seems to be always difficult or things seem to be holding you back and here hypnoanalysis and psychotherapy are valuable tools.

Patterns of behaviour need to be identified, the the things that can lead us to repeat behaviour that is damaging or hurting us, we may call it the urge to repeat but working at a completely subconscious level so not recognised by the person it is happening to.  Conscious or subconscious avoidence of dealing with certain things can also lead to problems because then behaviour  may be put in place that leads away from the very thing that needs in reality to be addressed.   Sometimes there is an unconscious gain in holding on to certain behaviour and if so this needs to be worked around before resolution of the problem can occur.  

Psychotherapy offers great opportunity for change as we begin to become more and more aware our own power of choice!

Among areas that psychotherapy is often used to treat are: 

  • extreme shyness and/or lack of confidence
  • low self esteem
  • feeling depressed, empty or suffering prolonged grief
  • unsuccessful or repeatedly difficult relationships
  • seeming to repeat past destructive behaviour
  • problems when relationships end
  • dealing with jealousy
  • Patterns of behaviour linked to childhood experiences
  • handling loss
  • lack of motivation
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