Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What exactly is hypnosis?
A. Hypnosis is simply a natural and heightened state of relaxation where your body becomes wonderfully relaxed and your mind intensely focused, often with heightened awareness. It is a safe and completely non-addictive.

Q. Will I be under your control in any way?
A. No - hypnosis is a voluntary state which you can leave whenever you want to and you would most certainly not be under my control in any way!

Q. So - I couldn't get stuck in hypnosis then?
A. No - that's absolutely impossible!

Q. Could my mind be too strong for this to work?
A. Strong minds are great! It means you will be able to focus more clearly.

Q. Will I be unconscious or in a daze of some sort?
A. You will not be unconscious or in a daze quite the opposite in fact.

Q. Is it safe to drive afterwards?
A. It will be perfectly safe for you to drive immediately after your session. 

Q. Will I know I'm hypnotised and how will it feel?
A. You probably won-it "feel" hypnotised. Most people don't - in fact it's very common for people to say "I didn't go under".

Q. Will I blurt out my darkest secrets ?
A. Not unless you choose to!

Q. Is my session with you confidential?
A. Of course. 

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