Stop worrying about clucking chickens or singing like Elvis! It's just not going to happen

i want you to help me hypnosisOften when we try something first time and it seems unfamiliar, we don't know quite what to expect. Like anything new and different it can make us feel a little apprehensive, however that does not mean we should never try anything new, for if this were the case we would miss out on some very pleasurable experiences!

You may be nervous because you have seen stage hypnosis, this form hypnosis used as a means of entertainment may have given you a totally wrong idea of what you can expect to find when you visit a professional clinical hypnotherapist. A therapist who is properly trained and using hypnosis in an entirely different way and for different purposes would not and could not ever get you to do something you would not agree to.

It is wonderful to see how the way peoples view of hypnosis changes after they have had the first session and how keen they are to come back and do it again.

Many people would agree there is nothing nicer than spending some time in deep relaxation when there is nothing to think about other than how good it feels to be so relaxed! In the fast paced world that we all live in, the chance to do this gets less and less. Going into a hypnotic state is a wonderful chance for the body and mind to relax and recharge. Just going on a journey to a favourite place where you feel really comfortable and able to relax, like a favourite beach or country walk, can put you in touch with peaceful feelings and people liken hypnosis to just such a journey. But it can also be a very interesting journey of discovery too where your potential for any changes you want to happen can be discovered, tapped into and acted upon.

We are all capable of being in a kind of self-hypnosis every day, this altered state awareness, of being deeply focused while deeply relaxed, is very natural. When you are watching TV, reading or driving your car you are relaxed yet focused this is very akin to being in hypnosis.

Many people are concerned that they will be out of control during hypnosis but nothing could be further from the truth, no one could make you do anything that you would not wish to do or that was against your will or your natural moral code.

Once clients discover hypnosis it quickly becomes the favourite part of the time I spend with them and it is in this highly focused, relaxed state that real beneficial changes can really begin to happen.

So clucking like a chicken, singing like Elvis not in my consulting room, unless you need a bit of stage performance confidence of course!

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