Hypnobirthing and Comfortable Childbirth

Although we do not remember it every one of us has taken the amazing journey of being born!

Every woman in a delivery suite waiting to give birth to her baby is at the end of a long, long line of successful women who have all given birth. It is a shame then that this most amazing experience is often beset by worry and fear.

In part it is the stories that other women tell that perpetrate the fear, stories of difficult births and pain abound, I am sure we have all heard it and sometimes it can seem that there is almost an unconscious gloating that happens in a group of women mainly about whose experience was the worst! It's not intended to scare other women of course, but it does.

I often tell my clients to ignore the words of other women if they are negative because it usually points to the fact that those women have had their own babies without the benefit of understanding the mind body connection. The mind and body when they work together form the most amazing and powerful force. If more women understood the power of their own inner resources they could look forward to a far more calm, comfortable and controlled birthing experience; probably resulting in nothing but having good stories to tell.

Hypnotherapists see the results of a mother-to-be learning that when the mind and body work together in tandem giving birth can be the most amazing and natural thing to share with your baby. In a calm state the body functions much better and as it is naturally designed to do, feel good endorphins are released and this produces a relaxed serenity that replaces any hormones that may have otherwise caused the body to tighten and constrict. It's also interesting to note that hypnobirthing techniques may lead to a shorter labour in the first sage, a much more comfortable experience, less time in the hospital and better first check (Apgar) scores for your baby. It is believed that the baby also tends to be calmer with all the benefits that entails and this may be because the baby comes into the world at their own pace. While it would be wrong to suggest women who practice hypnobirthing all have perfect births, it is fair to say that if a womans body is not fighting its own natural functioning then things can feel be a whole lot more comfortable and controlled.

But it is not just Mum-to-be who needs support at this exciting time it is also great for her partner to feel included in the preparations and so is welcome and usually happy, to attend some of the hypnobirthing appointments with Mum. In my experience, the partner then becomes much more at ease and confident with the process, sure of the role they will play. The birthing partner becomes a very important support for mum and after being shown how is able to help mum stay calm and in control throughout the whole birthing. The partner can speak up for Mum if she needs it, telling those who need to know about her birth plan and any special requests while she can spend her time remaining in her comfortable relaxed state.

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