When unexpected things happen some anxiety is completely understandable.

The crisis facing the worlds population from Coronavirus and Covid19 feels like a real threat and most people will feel very uncertain and insecure about events like this.  The reality is that around 47% of people questioned by the Office of National Staistics said they are suffering high levels of anxiety, saying they were worried about the effects of the virus on their lives. For many people Coronavirus will have a profound effect on their mental health even after the treat is past.

People may experience increasing money worries. Drinking alcohol or eating more may be happening in the mistaken belief that it helps to relieve the stress they are feeling. Never the less there is a real reasons for their anxiety, it is explainable.

But imagine feeling a similar level of worry and fear even when there seems little to warrant it.

Anxiety is no fun, and it's one of the most debilitating and difficult things for people to deal with, but help is available. It is simple to learn coping strategies that will give you the ability to help yourself.  Understanding anxiety and what triggers it is also important and it perhaps here that the improvement can begin.

Most important of all though is not to put up with anxiety, get yourself the help you need and things will begin to feel better. Contact me if you need help. 

It is also vital to understand my clients get results just as good by working with me online as do face to face.

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