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For teenagers and older children the emphasis is on finding what the child wants ~ how they would prefer things to be better for them.  Communication is the key finding out about specific events that may be causing a child disturbance.  Often children are more concerned than parents and teachers may ever imagine about the kinds of situations that worry adults, parents and teachers! 

When children feel anxious it can be difficult for them to explain exactly how they feel, to help them using a variety of uncovering techniques is often the key to getting to the underlying cause of the child's worries.  A therapist is also in the unique position of being separate from family and school, not part of the system as it were.

The solution to problems usually comes from the child's own desire for things to be different.  Older children still have active imaginations and this is a wonderful resource to help them; look at how easy they find it to become engrossed in films, books and favourite TV characters.  When working with the young and visualisation is used, positive outcomes are easier to develop.

For younger children we can make tremendous inroads with play and visualisation. Sessions should be fun and based on the child being comfortable and feeling safe. Children may be worried about things that directly affect them or by uncertainty about things going on around them, maybe even in their adult's lives. Although desperately worried about their children, parents may not always be able to respond or even understand how to, without some help.

Sessions are most often conducted with a parent or carer in attendance and an audio cd is provided for use at home.  I enjoy working with parents and where appropriate teachers to develop plans and strategies so everyone is forming a network of support. My professional consulting room becomes a neutral place where the child feels comfortable enough to take some breathing space. 

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