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The Ageing-Unplugged Programme - How can it help you?

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For any age group a boost in areas like vitality and the sheer joy of living is a real bonus and this programme holds the key to that for so many people no matter how old you are!  

But can we reverse the sands of time?  Of course not!  This new programme will help you get the most from your life though, no matter how old you are, giving you the ability to fill your life with vitality, verve and va-va voom.

What we know is that the whole ageing process seems to be ignored by some people. The kind of people who you are just astonished to find are older than you, you may think perhaps they are just lucky or you might think it’s all to do with their genes, and it might be, to an extent. 

But there actually is a secret to defying the years and you’re in exactly the right place to discover what it is!  What we understand that the process of aging has very nearly as much to do with the mind as it does with the body.

If you are already leading a full and active life maybe still busy working or having great holidays and leisure time this programme can help you keep doing that for longer!  

And don’t worry if you feel you’re ‘getting on a bit’ because you can easily discover how to get some vitality and enjoyment back into your life.  If you can still bound up the stairs two-at-a-time the programme willl help you keep doing that for longer!  

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Terence Watts the creator of this programme was born in 1941 and still works 10 hours a day, he is prime example of a boundless energy and thirst for learning that would be more expected from someone a third of his age.

The first session doubles as an assessment process so I can advise you just how much you will be able to get out of the programme… and after that, it’s up to you how often you see me and how much you do.  The programme will be customised specifically for you. After that first session, there are four stages, each of which might cover a few sessions which can be taken on a regular basis or just when you feel like it:

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